Believe (2007)

The acting in this LDS film (though not outright LDS) is better than usual, probably because of the mockumentary format. (Or maybe this crowd of LDS actors is just really good at playing MLM sales people because of personal experience? Actually, I have no idea if they're all LDS.) This movie successfully reminded me of every in-home sales pitch we've ever had (and of a couple of particularly unpleasant out-of-home experiences), which made it an uncomfortable movie to watch. And yet Jon thought that it didn't sufficiently explore the yuckiness of having friends and family and church acquaintances hit you up to buy stuff or "start your own business." (He did not use the possibly made-up word "yuckiness;" that's me.)

Admittedly, for those of us who are returned missionaries, there is an interesting connection to explore between preaching the gospel and being a sales person. But I am too tired to address that right now.

It might be worth it to see this movie just for the inspirational MLM song performed by a real member of Air Supply.


  1. I have to see this. Dad and me, both. And I think the word "yuckiness", made up or not, is a perfect description of the whole MLM thing. How the heck are you, anyway? Will you even see that I commented?

  2. I get email every time someone makes a comment, so I always see them. I'll write you email to let you know we're doing.


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