My new addiction

Now that TV is available online (as it always should have been), here's what I've been watching:

The Office: Of course.

30 Rock: Very funny, and differently from The Office.

Ugly Betty: The last episode of the first season was a masterpiece. It's getting less interesting, but I still enjoy it.

Lipstick Jungle: Maybe this is entertaining to me because the women's lives are so different from my own. Or maybe because the people who write it have no idea how successful relationships work, but they're trying.

Chuck: Oh, I love this. The action is over the top and the plots impossible, but who cares when it's so funny. I love that Buster from Arrested Development is on it now. Buymoria rules!

Grey's Anatomy: I had never seen this before a few weeks ago, and now I'm totally into it. What a soap opera! But with way better acting, some funny lines, a decent set, and some very interesting, improbable though possible medical conditions. I'm watching it on surfthechannel, and I'm almost at the end of the third season, so don't give anything away from the fourth or current seasons, please.

Jon has mentioned the word "intervention" in reference to me and my TV watching, so I'm trying to keep it reasonable. But the Interwebs make it so easy!


  1. same here, erin! it's way too easy to watch tv on the internet... i too have to confess that i've been watching lipstick jungle from the beginning!... i'm not totally proud of this but it's so ridiculous and yet so addicting! i love how they are ALWAYS wearing high high heels... hilarious!

  2. Greetings from Russia/Moscow - we're enjoying internet TV too since we don't have access to German TV channels. Would love to see your family - Best Wishes from a Missionary Time in Cottbus Henry Kosak


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