Sweater for Leah

When I decided that I wanted to make a sweater for an adult, I thought I should make one for someone small, and since I had never knitted anything for Leah or any of Leah's progeny, I chose her. Here it is:

I apologize that the pictures are pretty lame. The actual color is closer to the top picture.


  1. I love it. You actually finished it! I bet she loves it. It looks so cute on her. You chose the perfect model, eh?

  2. beautifully done! ...nice button choice to go with cable knit.

  3. Can I be next on the "to knit for" list? I love it!

  4. Erin, The sweater is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just on facebook and was going to ask about it. I absolutely love it. Well done. We need to get together and knit..By the way how is the new bishopric family adjusting? I was so excited for you when I found out.

  5. Ally and Ivy: Thanks! I do like the buttons. Char: it's a long list, but I'll put you on it. :) Jenny: Thanks! We should get together and knit--that'd be fun. I'm pretty pleased with the sweater. The only thing I'd do differently is increase from the waist down. The pattern was for a shorter sweater, and I had to lengthen it and forgot that I should increase for the hips. But that's not bad for my first sweater and first time messing with the pattern. Jon is adjusting to being in the bishopric. It's different than other callings, that's for sure!


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