Walking in Pocklington

There are so many beautiful gardens and hedges and walls here.

I especially love the climbing plants. I think this is lilac on the balcony, but I'm not the most fabulous gardener, and I could be wrong.

Pocklington is a good place for walking holidays, which is actually a thing here in the UK. We are at the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, which are the low hills in this area. There are lots of footpaths and bridle paths and cycling paths. A few days ago, Mira and I took a walk on one of the footpaths. It led us up onto a hill, where we had a beautiful view of the countryside, through a field with several draft horses grazing (including three foals), into Pocklington Wood and then between the wood and a golf course, and then back through the wood down to the fields we'd just been looking at from above. It was a nice 3 1/4 mile loop. I'm excited to do more walking.


  1. I wanna go on a walk like that! :) Do you always bring an umbrella just in case? Love the picture of you and Mira on facebook. You look great!

  2. I do usually bring a small umbrella (one I bought in New York last year when Jon and I were there and it rained a lot!) or a rain jacket. We all have rain jackets now -- I bought cheap ones in Liverpool and they have been handy. I wear Mira's backpack almost all the time, because it's comfortable and not too big. If it's really sunny and warm, I don't bring anything, but that's sort of rare. I wish I could justify buying Wellingtons (Wellies) for all of us. They're so cute and they have all kinds of cute colors and patterns!


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