Eragon (2006)

I didn't like this movie. Hopefully the book is better. But I don't really have any desire to read it. That's okay though since I'm not really the intended audience. Everyone else I've asked (my kids and their friends) seemed to like it fine. The actor playing Eragon is really cute, though.


  1. Pathetic movie made from a surprisingly good fantasy book. Christopher Paolini was a kid when he wrote it and you can tell. I think he used a word-of-the-day calander while writting it. Every 5 or 10 pages he busts out an obscure word, uses it once, and then moves on the next word-of-the-day. Plot and story points are obviously ripped off from other fantacy and science fiction stories. There is a very clear Obi-wan taking Luke under his wing vibe. Why do so many youth fiction novels deal with orphaned children finding out they are the children of some grand inheritance or some such? Somehow, even with obvious leaning on other authors, Paolini still manages to suck you into the story and cheer for his characters.


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