Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham

I loved this book. It’s different from anything else I’ve read—three stories in different time periods and genres involving similar characters. It’s weird, especially the science fiction part, but the writing is great and I got sucked into every one of the stories.

A little warning: if you don’t like bad language, you might not like it. It's not excessive, but it's hard to ignore.


  1. Is this Somusina or Somusing? At the top of the page it's the former but on my "favorite's list" it's the latter. And what does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

  2. It is Somusing with a "g" at the end. And I don't know how to pronounce it. I guess I say it like "so amusing" without the "a," but I think of it as "some musing." It's more musing than amusing. Jon came up with it. We will await his comment. (Jon, I command you to comment. How do we pronounce it?) I also don't know about "Somusina." Perhaps Jon will know where the typo is.

  3. Becky, the "Somusina" must be caused by the final lower-case "g" getting cut off at the bottom somehow in your browser -- it definitely says "Somusing" for us. Erin, does there have to be One True Pronunciation? Ok, "so musing" would be it, I guess. :)

  4. i kinda like it cause it is like a muse ing... inspiring? muse get it?

  5. I didn't think of the "muse" angle, Mike. So many layers to our little name! (A little sarcasm there.) Jon--I don't guess there must be One True Pronunciation. I was just wondering if you had a different idea.


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