Sky Blue Sky by Wilco

It took me a while to like this, but now I love it. The last song is beautiful and moving, and I have been known to play it over and over again while driving.


  1. i love wilco "a ghost is born". have you seen the documentary about them? it's called "i am trying to break your heart. a film about wilco" it's amazing. a

  2. it's about how their label drops them, due to their diverse music. other labels start bidding and ironically enough, the original label (who dropped them in the first place) buys them back for a lot more money. amazing.

  3. That sounds pretty interesting, Ally. I'll have to see if we can find it. Jon and I have recently had a few nights dedicated to wasting time on YouTube. It's amazing what you can find. Your comment just reminded me of a live Wilco video I saw on there.


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