Year of the Dog (2007)

I wanted to like this. The acting is superb, sometimes the writing also. Laura Dern is brilliant as an overprotective mother, whispering suspected wrongs committed by the nanny and carefully avoiding the topic of death around the kids. Other characters are interesting and well-developed. And I want to like a movie that shows the main character's journey to veganism and supporting animal rights. But the journey seems shallow and insufficient compared to the progress she should have made with human relationships.


  1. I watched this recently, not knowing anything about it. I'd read your comment before, but didn't remember. And now reading your comment again all I say it DITTO! I couldn't have written what you did, but it's how I felt. Here's what I would have written: Wanted to like it, thought is was stupid. Oh and why do they think it's a comedy. It wasn't very funny, just sort of sad.


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