Sunny January Plovdiv panoramas

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful sunny day here in Plovdiv. Not typical for January. The skies are also much clearer than usual — no smoke or haze. I took a few panoramic photos with my mobile phone camera. The first two are from Небет тепе (Nebet Tepe), one of the smaller hills right near our house where lots of people were out enjoying the nice weather.

This one is looking west to northwest:

This one is looking northeast to east:

This view is from Сахат тепе / Данов хълм (Sahat Tepe / Danov Halm) looking east, with the Roman amphitheater in the middle between Таксим тепе (Taksim Tepe) and Джамбаз тепе (Djambaz Tepe):

Click on the images to see a larger rendering, or click here, here, and here for the original full-size panoramas.


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