Sahara (2005)

As I think I've said before on this blog, I don't really like Matthew McConaughey, so I didn't have high expectations for this movie. I was pleasantly surprised that it was fun to watch. Steve Zahn is usually funny, and the friendship between his character and McConaughey's is believable and amusing. Otherwise, it's a typical action movie. Just how would the captain's chair on a boat effectively shield someone from machine-gun fire?

Penelope Cruz is beautiful and looks like my sister Ally. Just thought I'd mention that.


  1. I wasn't really thrilled with this movie. I can't get past Matthew Mcjalkjoiaj, not worth trying to spell his name. I don't like that guy. He's annoying and thinks he is God's gift to people everywhere. Anyway, I hardly remember this movie.

  2. Oh, boy. At a book club the other night, I happened to mention that I don't like Matthew McConaughey, and there was quite a reaction. Several of the women there think he's quite a hottie, I guess. It was kind of funny. But I was also a little afraid that they were going to kick me out of book club.


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