Catch and Release (2006)

I like Jennifer Gardner, but hated that yucky guy (Fitch) she gets together with. Ew! I never did start to like him, though I'm sure I was supposed to. I thought he was creepy and disgusting (thanks to his gross sex scene in the very beginning of the movie AT A FUNERAL!!). I don't like that she gets together with him, when she totally should have fallen for the really great friend, Dennis. He was so nice, and truly in love with her. Instead, the stupid girl chooses Mr. Sleaze-bag, seemingly based on pure lust, and sticks with him. So disappointing. Did I enjoy watching it? Yes, mostly because my friend took me to the movies in the middle of the day and that is fun no matter what. The movie also kept me guessing because I couldn't believe the direction it was going would be the one it ended with. (Weird sentence, but you know what I mean.) The movie should have developed some great sympathetic background story for Fitch (great name to go with the great(NOT)guy) if they wanted me to like him.


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