The Legend of Zorro (2005)

Definitely a kids’ movie. They hated all the kissing, but they loved the unrealistic sword-fighting.


  1. ally and i were just talking about how we are strangely drawn to the prequel to this movie.... mask of zorro... i think it is the sword fighting and anthony hopkins that wins it... anyway i dont think i ever this one but it sounds like i didnt miss much.... the bad guy is the bad guy from lost....

  2. The Mask of Zorro was a much better movie than The Legend of Zorro--more plot, more interesting characters, etc. But Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are beautiful people, so it's not hard to watch them, even in a mediocre movie. Which bad guy? Oh, maybe I shouldn't ask; I've only seen the first season of Lost.

  3. after being sick for 5 days and watchin a pile of movies it is strange that ally put on the mask of zorro yesterday without even seeing this first.... but as i didnt watch the whole thing i remembered all of it and yes i will stand by what i said before... this was a good one.... hopkins is the main draw here with his wit and ability to keep the movie going regardless of pretty people.... disturbing scene : watching antonio bandares drink a cup of "water" from the container holding his brothers head..... if i wasnt sick already that woulda made my stomach turn.... if you cant remember what i am talking about then dont try....

  4. I don't remember that part. Yuck. Have you guys seen The Count of Monte Cristo? It's not nearly as good as the book, but I thought the sword-fighting was very good. Not so choreographed and more like they were actually trying to kill each other.


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