And Now a Couple of LDS Movies ...

...not to say that these are official productions of the church, but made by LDS people.

Money or Mission (2006)

I was distracted by how much the lead character, an almost 19-year-old boy getting ready to go on a mission, looked like Meg Ryan. Otherwise, it was short and okay. But here’s a general complaint: I find almost every female character in these movies made by LDS people annoying—way too perky and cheerful and smiley. With the exception of Napoleon Dynamite, of course.

Money or Mission is more like a church production than others I've seen, but that's not surprising. It was made from an article that appeared in the Ensign.

Take A Chance (2006)

This one was mildly amusing at times, but otherwise similar in quality to The R.M. and The Singles Ward. The religious family in this movie is generically religious, but they’re not the focus of the intended hilarity. Maybe that’s why the hilarity isn’t all that hilarious.

The more I think of it, the more I realize that this movie, and no doubt others like it, really didn't need to be made. They’re the Catch and Release of LDS films. Maybe The R.M. and the The Singles Ward are enough.


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