Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Jon and I are mean parents. We don’t let the kids watch movies that are rated PG-13. Of course, they love the Star Wars movies, so we’ve been meaning to preview Star Wars: Episode III for a long time, so we could approve it (or not) for them. They’ve been waiting for a long time, mostly because I hated Episodes I and II and I was dreading having to sit through another too-long Star Wars movie that sucked. But we finally did it. The first 45 minutes or more were agonizing—boring and flashy and stupid; it got slighty better later, but nothing can make up for the terrible dialog and bad acting (by actors who are otherwise decent) and Anakin’s extreme pouting.

Anyway, we let the kids watch it the next day, but since it’s pretty dark, we told them it’s a one-time thing, not for repeated viewing. I mean, Anakin gets various body parts cut off and catches on fire. And then there’s the pouting. Yuck.


  1. You made^H^Hlet them watch all three? Tough love indeed! Most disappointing sequels ever.

  2. Yeah, well, our kids LOVE them. But I think they are pretty good kid movies, and by that I mean that they are simplistic like cartoons. If the engine fails (on anything!), just flip a switch (or various switches) several times, and suddenly it begins working again! If I were in charge of the government, says Anakin, I'd make everyone agree on stuff! (Yes, Anakin, you are so wise; why didn't anyone think of that before?) There's lots of fancy fighting and lasers and twirling and flying, all without any blood. Just like a cartoon. Unlike the original movies, I suspect that kids who like the new ones now will later find them stupid or at least silly.

  3. we all watched it in the theaters and that was enough for me. Now the kids can remember how awesome it was waiting for it to come to the theater and actually getting to watch it. Haven't watched it since and that the way it will be. You know they don't bleed because the light saber burnes, for example the arm off, and then it seals in the blood in. So there would be no bleeding you see. Very interesting.

  4. although i am ashamed to admit i have watched this and the other prequels too many times.... revenge of the sith left so much to be desired as do episode 1 and 2 that i wanted to take out a light saber and caulderize my eyes shut... but not a moment before poking george lucas in the bum with my lightsaber for ruining what was some of the greatest anticipation of my childhood.... i remember hearing about the making of the first three episodes very early on years and years before jar jar ever existed my hopes and dreams of something as amazing as star wars 4,5, and 6 soared higher than the millenium falcon but now i feel slighted as though i watched something that should have long been cast into the swamps of dagoba system.... if i ever see anakin in person i will send him to time out for being so whiney and pouty...


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