Burning Rubber in Yerevan, Armenia

Today Phin and I went to Victory Park high overlooking Yerevan, to see Mother Armenia. The park is a little neglected but provides a beautiful view and lots of people were out enjoying the cool evening after a sprinkling of rain.

We chuckled at seeing this sign guy demonstrate how to tiptoe down the subway footpath under the road:

But the delightful surprise of the evening was when we went to investigate loud tire squealing we could hear off in the distance. We found an informal gathering of enthusiasts for burning rubber, showing off in a parking light not far from the Mother Armenia statue. A lot of people had gathered to watch. Here are some videos. You probably can't see that sometimes the rims hit the pavement and threw off sparks. And without smellovision you'll miss out on the smoky stench.

The friendly man standing next to us introduced himself. He's from Iran and speaks some English, so we had a nice chat in between chuckling over the spectacle.

The drivers must have been at it for over an hour in total before the police came by at 20:00 and shut them down in the most polite and sympathetic way. Two guys in uniform walked into the parking lot so the drivers all stopped. One of the policemen walked up to the driver's window of a car and saluted the driver! Then everyone went their separate ways and that was it. It seems quite possible they were only concerned about the noise when it was getting late and dark, nothing more.


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