A few photos

The town hall tower with the astronomical clock on it in afternoon light. Notice the lit-up chandeliers in the windows on the second floor.

Our Czech tutor with the kids. We finished up with her last week, so we'd have more unscheduled time for our last few weeks in Prague. We like her.

Lillian in front of some of the cool buildings in Old Town Square. I love the blue one, although I think the golden yellow ones are my favorite. The astronomical clock is behind me; Lillian is facing it. Roughly.

The gate and tower on the west end of Charles Bridge, from a distance and just the top of it. It was a beautiful day and we love to see the blue sky.

At this very moment, I can hear Mira just outside my bedroom door. She is playing a very imaginative game, singing made-up songs and such, and she just performed a marriage. It's not very often that she plays so well by herself. I love it, and her songs are very entertaining.


  1. Cool. PS- I like the new look of your blog. Bright and clean. The Poop brown color before was not my favorite. haha

  2. Glad to have feedback about the looks of the blog. That is not my strong point! I'm just using Blogger templates, but I might try messing around with this new one. It's a dynamic one -- readers can change the way it formats by clicking something up on the left somewhere. (I'm pointing at it, but you can't see me!)

  3. Is there a way to get your response to my comment emailed to me or something? I don't usually go back to see if you commented on my comment and it's lame when I miss them. Figure it out! (That's supposed to be like the way mom says, Fix it...which she got from some Saturday Night Live skit, but it always cracks me up and I now use it on Daniel all the time. FIX IT!)

  4. Ivy, is there a link on the bottom right that says "Subscribe by email"? Maybe try that. I don't know what it does, but it sounds like it might be the way.


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