Toy Museum

This post is for my mom, because I think she would have enjoyed the toy museum at Pražský hrad (Prague castle) very much. Jacob, Lillian, Mira, and I went a few weeks ago.

First up, the weirdest thing from the Barbie floor: Pregnant Barbie! I had no idea such a thing existed.

The museum is on two upper floors of one of the very old buildings at the castle. One floor is almost entirely dedicated to Barbie. Below are pictures of a few. (I was surprised and a little sad that they had a Donny doll but no Marie! Someone should send them a Marie Barbie immediately.)

The other floor held a lot of older toys, mostly made from tin and wood. I loved the doll houses and their tiny furniture and even toys for the doll house inhabitants.

A stately porcelain doll, probably 14" tall.

Doll house interiors.

A little village.

Noah's ark!

There were lots of kitchen sets.

A little school classroom.

Some old tin toys.

I don't have much to say about any of those, but they were kind of fun to look at. I think you can see larger versions of the photos if you click on them.


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