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Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out for a few hours and the light was beautiful. Here's the view from our entryway:

Walking to church. That's it across the street with the red roof.

Mira and Jon as we watched the noon changing of the guard at Prague Castle and a company of guards marching to the main gate. They have a changing of the guard every hour, but the one at noon is a bigger deal. We weren't really close enough to see and hear everything (I think the guards were singing at one point), but hopefully we can go back sometime and get closer, now that we know where the action is.

Lillian, Seth, and Mira feeding the swans, ducks, and pigeons near Charles Bridge on the Vltava River. If you look closely (I think it's kind of camouflaged), there's a swan taking flight just above and to the left of Lillian. It's huge!

Now a bunch of pictures of a south wall of St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. We had walked by this wall a few times, but with the sun out, we suddenly noticed the mosaic about halfway up. When we explored closer, we discovered that there were little statues of everyday life adorning the gate.


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