Oh, I love buskers! Well, okay, I guess I don't love them all equally. I don't really like it when they're singing or playing along with a recorded track. I like it best when they're using instruments without any amplification, although I think the microphone for this guy's voice was necessary:

This is near the Millennium Bridge in London, a nifty footbridge over the Thames. It's not a very good video, so I'll describe the buskers: one guy is playing the accordion and singing (and if you've ever been near an accordion while it's being played, you'll know it's loud, thus the need for the mic) and the other guy is playing a box drum. Box drums are cool.

And here's what I happened upon in Prague last night.

It's a string quartet playing a Green Day song! I'm not a fan of Green Day at all, but I didn't mind hearing this arranged for string quartet. They call themselves Crocodile Quartet. Hopefully I'll find them again sometime and have some kids with me.


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