Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom in a fairly decent romantic comedy (or if you want to be cool, you could call it a "rom-com," a term that disturbs me; I used it jokingly for a while, but it kept disturbing me, so I quit). The back of the DVD case claimed that the soundtrack was "great" or something, which made me suspicious that the rest of the movie might suck. But it was a pretty good soundtrack, until they started playing too much Elton John. Or maybe it was just a couple of Elton John songs played too close together or someone who sounded like Elton John. Anyway, still a good soundtrack.

It was nice to see a movie not set in New York. In fact, this one took place in Oregon (briefly) and in Louisville, Kentucky. The end features many and sundry places of interest between Louisville and somewhere west of there (maybe in Kansas?), I can't remember where. And I liked that part. I'd really like to visit the World's 2nd Largest Farmer's Market now, but I don't think it exists. I couldn't find it online, anyway. So maybe the other places are fabricated, too? I don't know.

I just realized that of the three movies I've watched in the last two days (Jon's out of town, and that's what I do when he's out of town), none of them was set in New York! I think that's a movie-viewing miracle, considering that I wasn't intentionally selecting them based on setting and they were all pretty mainstream stuff.

Anyway, if a movie like this is not completely stupid and the characters seem realistic and varied, I usually find it to be enjoyable. (An example of a romantic comedy that I did not enjoy is The Wedding Planner. Ew.) This was enjoyable.


  1. I got this as the library and watched it. I thought it was pretty entertaining. It seems more like a girl's movie. I think it would be a good book. There were so many characters that I thought would be interesting to develop. The mother and father's relationship and how they met would have been interesting. I would have been fun to read more about the developing relationship between the Dunst and Bloom characters. That shoe was hideous and I was so annoyed that they never said why it was recalled or why it failed. Did they? Anyway, it seemed like a book to me. Is it?

  2. agin, many typos...shoudl prview coment frst, eh?


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