The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley

Okay, I admit that I sort of skimmed the last couple of chapters of this book. Also, while I was halfheartedly trying out some of the techniques in the book, trying to get my youngest to sleep better (she's 13 months old! It's time!), she seemed to get worse and worse, until she was waking up every hour and expecting to sleep on me. So I did something more drastic, not "no-cry" but also not "cry it out." And it's working well. (Rejoice!)

I don't mean to disparage the book, though. I think it's a great alternative to the two prevailing ideas out there right now: let your baby "cry it out"; or buck and up and let the baby wake up as much as he/she wants to. I think if I'd been more consistent with Pantley's ideas, I could have been successful. She uses a lot of the techniques I used on my first few but was too tired to remember. And she has it systematically arranged, with worksheets and logs, so you can see how well her system is working. Worth looking into if you don't want to listen to your baby cry, but the all-night waking is making you crazy.

It helped me because after spending $15 on a book, I was more motivated to finally get my baby to sleep through the night. And now, instead of waking every 1-2 hours, she's waking up once (usually) or twice (occasionally) a night. Again, I say rejoice!


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