Shanghai Noon

Every time I go to my sister's house (Hi, Ivy!), we briefly consider watching Shanghai Knights, but then we don't because I haven't seen Shanghai Noon yet. Well, now I have! It was pretty funny sometimes. My favorite part: a dusty pioneer couple gazes in astonishment at the three Chinese Imperial Guards in their strange get-up, practicing sword play. The wife says, "They're not like any Injuns I ever seen, Jedediah!" and he says, "That's because they're not Injuns, woman. They're Jews!"

I think I would have liked it better if I'd seen it when it was still new, but Jon and I had already gone through our Jackie Chan phase when it came out. (At least a couple of times, we took our two babies to a movie theater, hoped they'd fall asleep, and watched some Jackie Chan movie.) My exposure to martial arts films is extremely limited, but Jackie Chan is fun and easy to watch. And of course, I love that he does his own stunts.

Owen Wilson is funny, but by now, his method of funny-ness (funniness?) is not as surprising and refreshing as it probably was six years ago.

I enjoyed watching it. Sometimes I think I might be getting too old for the sillier comedies, though, which makes me kind of sad. Maybe I'll appreciate them again when my boys get a little older.


  1. I saw Shanghai Noon with one of my brothers when it was new. It was a fun film. Pretty amusing culture displacement scenes.

  2. Melanie and I like both of the Shanghai movies and we hope that our kids like them when they get older, too.

  3. have you seen the Life Aquatic? It's a Wes Anderson film that Owen Wilson is in. I've always felt that Wes Anderson was able to capitalize on Owen Wilson's sense of humor. if you liked him 6 years ago, try this more recent film. You may like it.


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