Couple of short videos

Here's a very short video of the kids dressing up in armor near the Fürstenzug. The guy behind Mira is the Polish man who was doing this unique kind of busking -- dressed up in homemade armor and letting kids dress up in the extra stuff he had with him.

My brother Colter came to visit last week. More on that later (I hope), but in the meantime, here is a video of him singing, with Mira doing percussion. They were having a recording session -- Seth joined in later with some interesting background vocals!

(I'm trying to train myself to take videos the wider way, rather than the taller way, but I guess you'll have to be patient with me, because I keep forgetting.)


  1. Cool. I didn't hear Seth in the background. Colter has an awesome voice. Jealous you got to see him. :)

  2. Seth isn't actually singing in this video. Later, they recorded separate tracks and Seth did this unusual/interesting/funny background vocal stuff. I think they also had to record Mira's percussion again. I don't know if they even finished it, but it was fun for them to work on for a while.

  3. looks like your having a blast!!


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