Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kutná Hora and Prague Castle garden

We visited the town Kutná Hora, about an hour from Prague by bus. Its Sedlec area is home to the famous ossuary = bone house, a church with a still functional chapel upstairs and displays of human bones in the basement. Many others have published photos of that, including these by Zed: signature, chandelier, coat of arms, angel weirdness, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., IHS.

In the town proper we saw this Soviet war memorial:

The plaque reads:

Zde stanul 9.V.1945 první voják Rudé Armády naší osvoboditelky z německé poroby vděčni a věrni zůstaneme

Which roughly translates to:

Here stood on the 9th of May 1945 the first soldier of the Red Army, our liberators from German bondage. We remain grateful and faithful.

This was a neat church that was closed to prepare for Easter Sunday the next day, but a very nice lady who arrived to do some setup work there let us in to look around:

And while I'm documenting memorial plaques, here's another one:

Which reads, if I've transcribed correctly:

Na tomto místě stávala budova Tellerova cukrovaru, kde došlo v r[oce] 1926 k velké dělnické stávce za zlepšeni pracovních podmínek a zvýšení mezd

With rough translation:

On this site stood the building Teller sugar refinery, where in 1926 there was a large working-class strike for better working conditions and wage increases.

The building has been torn out, and there's a large vacant lot now.

Now, back in Prague we went to the Kralovský Letohradek, the king's little summer castle:

And some more walking around to other buildings and the sv. Víta = St. Vitus cathedral:

And here in the sidewalk remains a sewer lid from the GDR, former East Germany:

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