Video tour of our Dresden apartment

To clarify some of the video:

Our apartment is on the second floor of an older, nicely renovated house. In Europe, the second floor is called the first floor because it's the first floor above the ground floor. In an elevator the button for the ground floor will say 0 or, in Germany, maybe E for Erdgeschoss ("ground floor"). The floor above the ground floor is 1 or the first floor.

It's Seth's 11th birthday today! For his birthday, we went swimming at a local pool, which is why our swimsuits are hanging all over the bathroom in the video. It turned out that the pool was only open for lap-swimming, so it wasn't loads of fun, but the kids learned that swimming laps is actually exercise! Apparently they didn't know that, which is embarrassing and I'm glad they know it now.

Also because it's Seth's birthday, the kids are watching TV and playing video games. Phin thought he was very funny to hit the table and yell something about being killed. Just thought the viewers should know that was just for y'all.

I failed to say that Lillian and Mira are sleeping on the couches in the living room.

I think the ceilings in this apartment are even higher than in our Prague apartment. It's wonderful.

We have a tram stop (Straßenbahn here in Germany) just a few feet down the road from us. It's really convenient but a little noisy when the windows are open. It takes almost 30 minutes to get into the city from here, but there are two discount grocery stores within walking distance and several more just a few stops away on the Straßenbahn.

Here's a video of the view from our balcony, too.


  1. Cool. It's a pretty place with cute Ikea furniture. :)

  2. I love hearing that bird in the background- makes me think of the Sound of Music for some reason, although I know you're not in Austria. It's fun to see where y'all are living. Happy Birthday to Seth. I wrote him a message on his blog. I laughed that they didn't know lap swimming was exercise. Enjoy :)


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