First Day of LinuxTag

Today is the first day at LinuxTag. Yesterday we set up the Interchange booth, after meeting Davor. Here is a picture of the booth from then:

After that we went to the apartment and Dad, Stefan and Davor worked on their Interchange presentation for a while. Here is a picture of them:

At 10:00 or so, we went to eat dinner and didn’t get back until past midnight. I was, obviously, pretty tired and went to bed. Check out these photos from last night!

Now we’re at LinuxTag and I am writing this post. We are sharing our booth with another project, so it’s pretty crowded. There is a booth for Linux Gaming, and it is sweet! There are tons of games for you to try, even a Guitar Hero for Linux. It's called Frets on Fire. It uses a Wiimote guitar from Guitar Hero. They also have a booth for FlightGear Flight Simulator., and they have these huge setups with three giant monitors each and the whole controller deal. I got to fly it, and it was awesome! I even landed, admittedly not on the runway, but It was awesome! Here is a picture of the flight simulator.

Here is a couple of pictures of the Linux Gaming booth.

Now me and Andrea are going to a palace. It's in Charlottenburg. It's going to be sweet!


  1. sweet i bet it feels weird to eat dinner at 10:00

  2. Is there a Lego Mindstorms booth this year? Are there a lot of kids at the trade show? I'm glad there's some interesting stuff for you. Don't forget to post after you go to Charlottenburg. Everybody loves reading all about what you're doing.

  3. Make sure you tell about the palace. Whose it was, when it was built, etc. It's neat, for me, to think my grandson is seeing all this. Better than reading a book about it or even seeing a movie. Gram

  4. Mom: There were a lot of kids the first day, but not anymore. I am going to check out the Mindstorms booth tomorrow.


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