Schloss Charlottenburg and Potsdamer Platz

Yesterday me and Andrea went to Schloss Charlottenburg, and it was awesome! We went on a tour through the building, and then walked around in the garden out back. There are a lot of old paintings and stuff in there. Sophie Charlottenburg, who was a queen of Prussia, collected porcelain, so there was a lot of that. After that we went back to the gardens; they were awesome. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page.

Schloss Charlottenburg

There were a bunch of ducks and little birds. Here are a few pictures:

Those ducks were pretty funny-looking. After that, we went home.This morning we went to LinuxTag again, and I got to play Frets on Fire. It’s just like Guitar Hero, but with a lot more songs.

That was pretty fun! Tonight we went to the Linux Nacht (Linux Night), a party. It was pretty fun. They even had a live band there!

After the party we walked around Potsdamer Platz for a while. The buildings over there are all really new. Check it out:

We also saw a memorial thing with info about the Berlin Wall. Sorry for the blurry picture.

We had lots of fun yesterday and today. And Mom, there was a Mindstorms booth, but I didn't see it until right when we were leaving. I'm going to check it out tomorrow and post about it.


  1. Thanks for posting, Zed! It's great to see the pictures and hear what you've been doing. Say hello to Andrea for me, and thank her for taking care of my kid.

  2. Hey Justin. Frets on Fire has more than triple the songs that Guitar Hero III does, and it has all of the ones in the real game, too. Also, it's free! It's controller is a Wii guitar.

  3. Oh, and Mom, I got 69 points on a 4x4 and 3:00 game of Boggle on Dad's phone! I just can't wait till I get home and beat you!

  4. It's sounds pretty fun. I thought you'd get bored if you had to go to the Linux thing with your dad. Gaming and Mindstorms booths though are perfect for you. What do you mean Frets on Fire is Free? Do you not need a gaming system? Could Justin do it with our Wii controller? NOT that I want him playing more Guitar Hero stuff, ha ha.

  5. Zed: Bring it on! I bet you still can't beat me! We'll see. Ivy: Just by looking at the picture and being familiar with open source stuff, you just need a computer and a Wii guitar. But maybe Zed will have more to say about that.

  6. thats cool Zed. what song did u play?

  7. Ivy: You only need to have Linux and a Wii guitar. It's open source, but I'm not sure if it's out for real yet, I think it's only in development. Justin: I played a bunch of songs, among them Iron Man (Black Sabbath) and One (Metallica). I think I was playing Iron Man in the picture.


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