Back to Görlitz

After almost 22 years I returned to my first mission city, Görlitz, on the east border of Germany, with Poland across the Neisse River. I went with Zed and Phin early on a Sunday morning so we could attend church and try to meet up with old friends. That worked out well! I was a little distracted taking it all in and didn't get everyone in photos as I would have liked, but here's what I have.

With Br. Rudi Lehmann:

With the Maschkes:

With Thomas Lehmann:

The old church meeting rooms were on the first floor above ground floor here until the mid-1990s. The right half of the building has been renovated, and the left half we used to enter the church rooms from is decaying and locked up. Br. Frank Fuchs drove us here, and afterward he and his wife invited us over for lunch!

This building is at Blumenstrasse 2, where we lived as missionaries on the first floor above ground floor on the left. It's nearly unrecognizable after all the renovation that was done.

We walked around Zgorzelec, the Polish side of the split city. I wasn't able to go there in 1991 because it was outside our mission. Back then it required a passport check to enter, but now due to the Schengen agreement the borders are open and there is a car bridge and a footbridge and lots of people strolling around the beautiful east bank's pedestrian area on a Sunday afternoon.

A few views of the old city center of Görlitz:

It was really great to see the town and old friends again.


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