More photos from Prague

View south over the Vltava river from Vyšehrad, toward Barrandov Studios which I believe is on the other side of the river around the bend:

Night view of Nové město from Kinského zahrada:

Night view of Václavské náměstí from the Muzeum (southeast) end:

Lillian and I took a walk along the south bank of the Vltava river, seen here between Štefánikův most and Čechův most (bridges):

Erin and I attended an organ concert here at the Czechoslovak Hussite Church's Chrám sv. Mikuláše, on Staroměstské náměstí:

The whole family took this ferry (přívoz) across the river with the Roučka family. It's part of the normal Prague public transportation system. And it's tiny! We had a nice walk on the path on the other side, and saw walkers, bikers, and a yard with a dozen or so chickens:

This is the famous upside-down statue of St. Wenceslas (sv. Václav) by David Černý, in the Lucerna Pasáž:

Here's an abandoned sport hall we came across, a view north across the valley toward the area we lived, and an abandoned Communist-era shopping center:

A park path leading to the Břevnovský klášter near us:

West of us and Břevnovský klášter is the Obora Hvězda, a former royal game reserve that is now a park. In it is the Letohrádek Hvězda (summer palace), which currently has a very strange pair of human/alien naked lady hybrids beckoning from the windows:

Some views of nearby areas we went walking:

Safety first! Got to make sure there are no trains coming:

The sidewalk stone mosaic outside the Kutná Hora ossuary:

A neighbor cat that was missing one eye and was usually perched up on the fence willing to greet us when we walked by:

The whole family and all our luggage as we move from Břevnov, Prague, to Leuben, Dresden:

A little exploring down by the river near the train station, and someone's informal grave or memorial site:


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