Colter's visit in Dresden

My brother Colter came to Dresden to visit us, which made us very happy! He was in London to attend the opening of a show of his at Corvi Mora, the gallery that represents him there, and he was awesome enough to come to see us after that. His show at Corvi Mora continues until June 15, so if anyone is there, go see it!

Did I ever tell the internet about the time Jon and I ran into Colter's fame completely on accident? We were in Salt Lake City just after Christmas. As we were walking by the Salt Lake Art Center (which is apparently called the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art now -- maybe the name changed in the last few years?), we stopped to look at a pillar out front that showed the current exhibitions. One was called "Go West" and there, in the list of the contributing artists' names, was Colter Jacobsen. It was Sunday and not open that day, so we went back the next day and saw several of Colter's pieces there. The girl at the reception desk was impressed that I was related to him. I guess he'd forgotten that he'd sent pieces to the show and he's a pretty humble guy, anyway, so that's why we had no idea. My sister Ivy lives just half an hour from Salt Lake, so she and her family came to see it, too.

Anyway, it was really wonderful to have Colter visit us for a few days. He is infinitely patient with the kids, even though Mira can be pretty demanding and clingy and she focused all of that on him while he was here. He's also infinitely interested in them and their ideas and thoughts and personalities. He indulged all of us at various times. I include myself because I made him go to an organ recital in the Hofkirche and a short religious service in the Frauenkirche just to hear the organ. During his visit, he cooked a wonderful dinner for us, walked to the river and around the city with us, shopped for food and antiques, watched the kids' favorite TV shows (one of which happened to be the "Dual Spires" episode of Psych, an homage to Twin Peaks, which he likes a lot), sang and played guitar, and made art, all with various helpers among the kids. Here he is recording one track of a song, with Mira on percussion, that later included Seth singing very interesting and unique back-up vocals:

I love seeing the kids interact with their Uncle Colter. He inspires them to be creative and interested in everything. He's a pretty great guy and I'm so glad he came. (I'm sure he'll come visit you sometime, Ivy! :)


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