The Lodge in Liverpool

We arrived at Liverpool John Lennon Airport in the evening. Out front there is a yellow submarine art piece to greet everyone:

We carried our luggage 3/4 of a mile to a hotel where we stayed the night so we wouldn't have to fight with bus schedules and our luggage so late in the day. The next day we got to our house rental, which is called "The Lodge" and is in the Broadgreen area. It's a really neat house, and is right next door to the Jewish cemetery. Our landlord says it was built around the 1870s, and used to be the home of the funeral caretaker (maybe a sexton?), but part of the cemetery property was carved off and there's a wall between the house and the cemetery now. It's a really spacious house by the standards of that time, with 4 bedrooms of various sizes and a bathroom upstairs, and downstairs a living room, dining room, and kitchen:

It even unexpectedly has a John Broadwood & Sons piano, which the kids were delighted to play even though it needs a bit of tuning:

The weather has been really nice since we got here: sunny for much of each day, with some overcast and breezy spells to moderate it. We've been enjoying it.


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