Warsaw / Warszawa

Zed and Phin are interns at End Point where I work. The last week of April, the three of us took the train from Dresden to Warsaw, Poland, and there met our two Polish co-workers Szymon and Kamil, and our Italian co-worker Lele. We rented an apartment and worked together for a few days, and did some sightseeing in the morning and at night.

On the way:

View from our apartment balcony, and a partial lunar eclipse we saw at night when Erin texted me to tell me about it:

Seen in the wild, Domino's pizza delivery scooters:

Mysterious decay in a cemetery wall with a brick replica of the missing shape in front of it:

Early one morning Zed, Phin, and I went for a run and walked through the Powązki Cemetery that was near our apartment. Lots of interesting things to see there:

The location of part of the Jewish ghetto wall:

Other sights around town:

The Saxon garden and tomb of the unknown soldier:

One of many Jewish holocaust memorials near a former prison, this one with a striking depiction of suffering at Buchenwald concentration camp:

On our way out of town from the Warszawa Centralna train station:

I wrote about the trip and more about what work we did there in a write-up on our company blog, which has more photos.

We really liked the city, which had a unique character and a big but open feel to it. I'd love to spend some more time there someday.


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