Church of St. Martin, Yapham

Yesterday Seth, Mira, and I went on a couple of bike rides. About 2 miles outside of Pocklington we came to Yapham and saw the Church of St. Martin. It is very unusual for the area because it has so much painted wood construction inside. The church is thought to date to the 13th century, with a baptismal font from the 12th century.

Further on the road around Meltonby we came across this unexpected road sign:

I was really proud of how well Mira and Seth did on 17 1/2 miles of bike riding on country roads with ups and downs and traffic, especially considering that Mira isn't even 8 years old yet.


  1. Good riding kids! Love the arched door picture

  2. HOLY COW! They rode that far? Did they at least have bikes with multiple gears? I wouldn't have made it.

    I LOVE the blue church pews. (Is that how you spell pew?)I wish our churches were more colorful, though I guess I can see why they are not. That is an electric blue! Maybe people stay awake better in them. The color AND that they don't look too comfortable.

    1. Awesome ceiling too! Is that a frog or toad crossing sign. I can't really see it very well.

    2. Yes, they really rode that far. Seth's and my bikes have multiple gears that mostly work. Mira's is a 1-speed little kid bike. She did great!

      It's a frog crossing sign as far as I can tell.


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