Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More graffiti

There's a lot of really cool street art in this pedestrian underpass in Plovdiv, but unfortunately, I don't have pictures of much of it.

Somewhere in Plovdiv.

This is a swimming pool on top of Mladezhki Halm, the tallest hill in Plovdiv.

Somewhere else in Plovdiv.

Somewhere in Sofia.

This is at the bottom of a memorial built for Buglaria's 1300th birthday, which Seth blogged about here (at the very end of the post).

Near the ancient aqueducts in Plovdiv.

A couple by Plovdiv's graffiti artist Билко (Bilko). Jon mentioned him here and included a link to an article about him, which is in Bulgarian, but Google Translate can help with that.

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