Our Weekend In Sofia

We spent the first weekend (3rd and 4th) of 2014 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Usually I'm not one to take pictures, but I thought that I owed it to everyone else to share my amazing photography skills, and so I'm sharing all of my pictures (and some from my parents) with you.

Here are the first pictures I took of an old park we passed on our way to our Hostel.

In addition to having awesome stone mountain goats, Sofia also has a lot of really cool art and stuff, a lot of it from Communist times.

Some cool graffiti around the base of a monument.

A monument which is being torn down because it was falling apart, and a hazard.

And now for a few cool buildings we found

A Turkish Mosque.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

And that's all really, I just thought I would share some of the pictures we took, and show what Sofia looks like. Hope everyone has a great day, and hopefully there will be more pictures soon.


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