New Year's Eve!

Yep, I'm late putting this up. We're already a week into 2014! But better late than never, I guess.

Everyone told us that Bulgarians go all out on New Year's Eve and that it's a bigger holiday than Christmas. They said everyone sets off big fireworks and it's best to stay at home unless we like the idea of burning embers raining down on our heads. I'm happy to report that they were not exaggerating!

As usual, we spent the evening playing games and watching movies and eating junk food until just before midnight. At about five minutes before, we took sparkling cider up to our terrace and witnessed the firework display, which came from all sides. It had already started when we got out there and kept going until at least 20 minutes after midnight. Jon and Seth walked up Nebet Tepe (Небет Тепе), where hordes of people were hanging out and setting off fireworks. The rest of stayed on our terrace and watched fireworks to our left, right, and right above our heads. It was awesome!

This first one is too dark, but it shows better how the fireworks were on both sides of us.

Big fireworks right by our house!


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