Sick Day!

Well, we held out against all the germs for a long time, but we are sick now! Well, most of us. Phin, Lillian, and I are mostly fine (Phin was already sick back in Idaho), but the rest are in varying stages of colds and coughs, so we stayed home yesterday and today. I've been doing laundry and some cleaning, and I went to Kaufland yesterday (two tram stops from our apartment; our landlord lets us borrow their wheeled cart to bring groceries home in). We still did our Czech lessons with Mrs. Vitvarova, who comes to our apartment and tries to figure out where we are so she can help us progress. (We are a bit confusing, I'm sure, with all the different ages, a decent understanding of grammar, and very little vocabulary.)

Today it's been snowing and I just saw a couple pulling their baby down the street on a sled. I'm curious to see if this is considered a significant amount of snow or not.

From Europe 2013

Lillian and Mira watched A Cinderella Story dubbed in Czech, which I found on YouTube. They couldn't understand much (and neither could I when I watched briefly with them), but I thought it might be helpful to hear 90 minutes of Czech without subtitles. Maybe.

From Europe 2013

And here's a picture of our bed right after I made it and right before Jon got back into it.

From Europe 2013

I've mentioned the Czech bedding before, but I really love it! It's just like what we had in Germany where I was a missionary. Huge feather pillow and a heavy feather duvet (comforter) with a duvet cover on it. They don't use a top sheet, just a bottom sheet and the duvet, and to make the bed, you just fluff everything and fold the duvet in half and leave it on the bottom two-thirds of the bed. Easy! And super warm and comfortable. I was looking forward to the bedding and it did not disappoint!


  1. Hope you are all feeling better. We learned to love comforters from our travels and have down comforters and pillows on all our beds. Makes sleep so much better!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love the blog. And that you are posting so often. Keep it coming!

  3. Kayleen, we actually bought down comforters for all the kids' beds just a couple of months before we left. We should have done it a long time ago. Ikea has really nice ones for about $30.


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