Video Tour!

Here's a video tour of our main apartment. We'll do one of the boys' bachelor pad when it's clean (maybe never!) and we should probably do one at some point of the front door, entryway, etc. In the meantime, enjoy!


  1. That place is so cute! I love the plants they have hanging everywhere. It looks a lot bigger than I imagined. I mean the rooms. The kitchen appliances and toilet room or tiny, but the rooms look spacious! The high ceilings have a lot to do with that. Imagine only 8 feet or even less and that place would feel so small. It's so clean too. Good job. With so many people, where did all their stuff go? :) Thanks for posting this.

  2. The high ceilings are a big reason I wanted to sleep on the second floor instead of the third. That and knowing that Mira would probably need us in the middle of the night. I think the ceilings must be about 11 feet or so. I've found that it also helps a lot that every room has a door to it. I never really understood that about European apartments and houses, but it helps to have separate spaces. (Closing the doors also keeps it so much warmer.) And I love the plants, too! I hope I don't kill them. I'm not great with plants. But I should be okay just doing what Michal says to do.

    And the stuff: there are three wardrobes, so all the stuff is in those. Also, it helps that the big boys are upstairs. And of course, I'd just straightened everything up. It's amazing how fast things get really messy, even with the relatively small amount of stuff we have.


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