We have arrived

I don't think I can stay awake long enough to do more than link to Seth's and Phin's blog posts and Zed's pictures about our journey that started early Tuesday morning and ended this afternoon in Prague. We are here. It's amazing that we had three uneventful and successful flights and nobody got lost! But I'm oh, so tired.

Phin's blog post

Seth's blog post

Zed's Tumblr (possibly exclusively for photos)

Going to sleep now.


  1. We miss you! It's really fun to see photos of where you are living. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures over there.

  2. Tell Zed those wicked awesome thingys on his tumblr are crests and seals. Logo design at its very core! I'm going to live vicariously through your travels. Also, my friend Bronwyn created an amazing travel log in which I did all the illustration work. She is in Germany, and they are for kids . You should totally get some. Just google "Simply For Flying" - you won't regret it

  3. Those are really cute, Adrienne! And thanks for the perspective on the church door's crests and seals. It's always more fun to look at stuff when you understand it a little better! :)


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