Ilkley Moor

This past Saturday, the boys and I went to Ilkley in West Yorkshire. We took a bus to York, a train to Leeds, then a train to Ilkley. We saw only a little of the town because our goal was Ilkley Moor. It was a beautiful, mostly sunny day, with no rain, and a great view from up on the moor.

Zed led the way climbing up the little calf rock, and then Jacob and I followed:

And afterward we watched some real climbers on the large cow rock. That was a lot of fun.

There were many beautiful plants. Here was a field of cottony plants and a wild flower:

Some of the path was paved with large stones, presumably to keep the trail intact during the wet season. It was nice for a while but walking on it is harder on the legs.

We came to the famous 12 Apostles standing stones circle. It always had people sitting and resting at it, so that's what my photo shows:

There are miles of stone walls, boulders, and patches of forests:

The swastika stone is an ancient petroglyph (rock carving) and the move easily visible one to the left is someone's modern copy of the original to the right:

Sheep graze throughout and were fun to talk to:

We walked close to 12 miles. A few of the boys got a little sunburn. We went to Tesco to pick up some groceries to eat while waiting for the train. It was a great day!


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