Scarborough, North Yorkshire

A few Saturdays ago we took the train from York ...

... to Scarborough, the town famously mentioned in the song Scarborough Fair.

You may not have known that it has the longest bench seat of any railway station in the world!

It's a popular tourist town with a large pedestrian shopping zone, and the Grand Hotel was finished in 1867. Anne Brontë died and was buried in Scarborough in the graveyard at this church:

The town is a few hundred feet above the beach:

The south and north bays are separated by the 12th-century Scarborough Castle ruin:

Near the graveyard and church we stumbled upon Paradise and the kids had a good roll down its hill:

As is typical for British weather, the day offered us sun, overcast, a downpour of rain, more sun, and more rain. Scarborough is a beautiful and fun place to visit.


  1. Love the family picture on the long bench. And HEY! Erin's in England too. Haha. Great to see her in pictures too for once. Beautiful photos.

    1. Jon and I are both trying to get me into pictures more. I don't much like seeing myself, but I'm working on being less judgmental.


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