Preston England Mormon Temple

Erin, Lillian, and I went to the Preston England Temple of our church, the Latter-day Saint (LDS) or Mormon church. It is actually in nearby Chorley, in Lancashire, northwest England.

The grounds are lovely and have a uniquely English garden feel among temples I've seen:

Here is the temple exterior itself. I later found out it's the largest temple in Europe, measuring by inside floor space.

Even the car park is fancy:

Lillian explored the grounds and read a book while Erin and I attended temple services inside.

On the walk back through town to the train station I saw this neat little house:

Our route there was to take a bus from Pocklington to York, a train from York to Manchester Picadilly, and from there to Chorley. We walked around Manchester a bit and had a quick dinner there on the way back. It's a much more modern city than what we've grown accustomed to in Yorkshire. It was a nice day trip.


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