St. Laurence's Church, Chorley, Lancashire

While walking from the railway station to the Preston LDS Temple, we visited Chorley Parish Church of St. Laurence. It has many interesting exterior features, including a sundial and many carved stone heads and gargoyles. Look for the dog growling down at us:

It's an actively used Anglican church and has a large worship area, a pipe organ, drums, and nice stained glass. Most unusually, a 48-star American flag greeted us from the wall! That's because there is a pew there built by Alexander Standish in 1600, who was the son of Myles Standish, a Mayflow passenger, Plymouth colony leader, and founder Duxbury, Massachusetts. Opposite the American flag is a Polish flag and plaque mentioning the gift from Polish families in 1999, if memory serves.

Finally, the little footpath down from the church is called Church Brow, a most delightful name for a street:


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