Monday, July 29, 2013

St. Laurence's Church, Chorley, Lancashire

While walking from the railway station to the Preston LDS Temple, we visited Chorley Parish Church of St. Laurence. It has many interesting exterior features, including a sundial and many carved stone heads and gargoyles. Look for the dog growling down at us:

It's an actively used Anglican church and has a large worship area, a pipe organ, drums, and nice stained glass. Most unusually, a 48-star American flag greeted us from the wall! That's because there is a pew there built by Alexander Standish in 1600, who was the son of Myles Standish, a Mayflow passenger, Plymouth colony leader, and founder Duxbury, Massachusetts. Opposite the American flag is a Polish flag and plaque mentioning the gift from Polish families in 1999, if memory serves.

Finally, the little footpath down from the church is called Church Brow, a most delightful name for a street:

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